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When writing a project description for requesting funding, it is always important to keep the structure and content of the document clear and understandable for the target audience. Personally, I try to follow the rule of 4C when I need to write a description for my future project, or when I’m in charge of leading the team who are supposed to do this job. The rule says that the project description is written well and efficiently if it is Clear, Concise, Complete and Credible. The 4C rule serves as the key criteria for document writing and development.

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Concise means the project description actually “describes the project”, with no reference to other projects or not related information. You should never mention about something that is directly linked to your project and its context. Otherwise you’re likely to will confuse the reader or keep the reader unfocused on the key points of your project.
Transparent Process

The focus of the project description is put on creating a clear and correct understanding of the project in minds of the people and organizations involved in the planning and development process. The project team (which is supposed to do the project) uses the document to get a general idea of what amount of work and under what requirements is planned for completion. The senior management team regards the project description as the key source of preliminary information necessary for strategic planning and development.



Gonz Stomper v.1

Artist and skater Mark Gonzales and Aylmer Jordan Abrea from Stomper Haus reimagine the Adidas Aloha Super.

Full Project


Helen Kirkum Studio creates bespoke handmade sneakers by reworking discarded components. Embracing worn and handmade aesthetics creating unique collaged pieces.

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Virtuoso Stu.1

More terra react sketches, contemplating combining joyride with react in the midsole to maintain ground stability and terrain adaptability.

Full Project

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